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Woman becomes grandmother with dead son’s semen


A woman who had lost her only child, a son, 18-months ago, became a grandmother with the help of her son’s semen that was preserved in Germany for the past eight years.

According to media reports, the semen of the Indian woman, Rajashree Patil’s  son was fused with the eggs of a donor to form embryos and then transferred into the womb of a surrogate mother.

The surrogate mother later gave birth to a set of twins a boy and a girl, in India’s southwestern city of Pune, thus bringing back happiness to the grandmother.

Patil’s son had gone to Germany in 2010 to pursue higher studies when he was diagnosed with brain tumor.

Before chemotherapy and radiation procedures began, his semen was preserved to avoid any negative effects on his body post-treatment but he later died in September 2016.

After his death, the woman, having a desire to get back her son, contacted the semen bank in Germany where the semen of her son, Prathamesh was cryo-preserved.

After completing the formalities, the semen was brought to India.

The Woman then approached a hospital for an IVF (in-vitro fertilization with the help of his son’s semen.

(Xinhua /NAN)


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