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2019 Elections: The Nigerian Youth Has Ever Been Ready, But Only Needs Direction and Reorientation – Eniola Ojajuni

Prince Eniola Ojajun

Another Nigerian Youth, Prince Eniola Ojajuni Speaks With NF247 On His Plans As Nigeria’s Choice In The 2019 Elections

NF247: How would you describe the Nigerian situation at this time?

EO: The Nigerian situation is a fundamental problem that is both chronic and systematic. Systematic in the sense that we attribute our progress to ethnicity and Religion, you either belong to this sector or member of this or that. It is not a system base on merit and what you can offer, it is a system started by our fore fathers, even the coup then was based on this assumption and the intervention could not correct it till date. It is a problem based on lack of Restructural tendency which need basis classification on the different inputs of the different section of the nation.

NF247: The problems of Nigeria are enormous, do you think these problems are surmountable.

EO: Yes, but until we do away with federalism of appointment and take to merit of gain, for placement and appointment into sensitive positive and allow merit to be the cardinal point of our progress as a nation this problem will remain.

NF247: Many have blamed recycling of leaders across the country, do you believe this is a hindrance to development?

EO: Recycling is not bad itself if we recycle to gain knowledge and ovate opening to new dimension as it is done but when recycling result in holding down the progress of the youth from evolving into leadership, then it pose a growth, this cannot allow any nation to grow without the younger one aspiring to be leader. It is a shame to any nation and it a trend in African where someone went to rule for 50years, it is bad, no progress can occur in the nation.

NF247: Bring us your ambition, what would you do differently from what the current leaders are doing at the helm?

EO: I tend to be a practical person to the question of Nigeria nation. First I understand the problem and in solving it, I tend to profer solving based on present reality of the Nigerian nation and my solution how practical are, they have to be able to solve the problem that is my Joker, furthermore, I will ask people to visit my site and read my 200 point agenda to move Nigerian forward.

NF247: Nigeria is largely a Muslim/Christian Nation, prayers go on daily, do you think these prayers have achieved much in terms of development and good governance?

EO: There is difference between Pragmatism and Reality, and dreaming why is it nation that is communist by nature and does not cultivate the of prayer or religion, it’s two different coins has our religion nature stop corruption till date the answer is no we need to be patriotic and be focus on ideal that will balance the nation and move it forward. Religion will help us shape our moral, not on how to create tendency that will create jobs or move us forward to the desired goal.

NF247: We keep hearing about “What” people want to do when they come into office, how do you hope to tackle the hurdles in the Power, Education and Health sectors?

EO: Refers to my first point as in the issue of question 2, it is the same approach, I will be pragmatic in handling all these problem because it is part of what is holding us down. As regard the health sector, I intend to revive all our primary health care in which distance that people travel to get health care are reduced and increase the budget of this sector by 10% and allow the institutions to offer more health care services professional. While the educational budget would be increased by 15% and the fee reduced and massive habitation of all institution nationwide and welfare of all lecturer, taken care as to improved the morals in the sector on power, we first need to revise the issue of gas flaring and rehabilitate all the power plant by professionally looking at a new distribution grid nationwide, while state would be allowed to generate electricity and supply to the national grid. These are my policy statement, when we get there we will ovate the enabling environment to allow professionals be on board.

NF247: How is the Nigerian youth in your estimation to take on leadership roles?

EO: The Nigerian youth has ever been ready, but only need direction and reorientation as to know that they are the leaders of tomorrow which reason why I am offering myself and services to the nation.

NF247: What processes can truly guarantee that the right persons vie for and are elected into positions?

EO: Our elective process need overhaul from the party, money should not be the yardstick of Elective aspiration. Aspiration should be based on ideals, willingness to serve and articulation to be part of a new dimension. Our focus should be based on who is the best candidate that will serve us better not one who can spend more, or whom a Godfather is backing.

NF247: Has Nigeria benefitted from the kind of politics she has played since 1999?

EO: No? the Democracy of executive as the power should charge where we advocate a new regional power block, should be revise since he 1999system has failed.

NF247: What remarkable projects differentiates the GEJ led Government and the Buhari administration?

EO: The major differences are a bit shaky in the term that  both administration is a recycled assembly of the same set of people in a new coat the same set of leaders are still, been planted on both leadership so, in term of comparism, it is a new cup with the same old wine.

NF247: Continuity seems to be a major issue when it comes to politics in Nigeria, how can that gap be bridged?

EO: I agree that we have had this problem spread over time from the military era to the new political dimension, it has all been the same, no new government see anything good of worthy continuation in the last govt., this is most time is not true, we need to revise past administration agenda and borrow from what can be use that will benefit the new administration.

NF247: Where do we draw the line between godfatherism and political mentorship in Nigerian politics?

EO: It is a good thing to be mentioned and to be mentioned and there are nothing honoring on having a godfather, but when mentorship and godfatherism result into a matter and share relationship with them, it is no more positive but negative

NF247: How do we re-ignite the spirit of patriotism?

EO: That is the new spirit we are building now in Nigerians. We are doing up with their pan. Nigerian initiative that will reunite the concepts of patriotism, where we put Nigerian first before our own self, what can I offer Nigeria, how will I build a nation where we work for a living not living for work.

NF247: Why do you think Nigeria needs you?

EO: Because from No. 1 question to this last one, I offer a different approve, something not seen or heard before, I intend to build a new Nigerian from the foundation where the resources of Nigeria will be used to revive the new Nigeria. I have develop 300 practical solution to more than 200 problem that has been unsurable for years I am young, energetic and brilliant, with the right sense of obligation to myself and the nation I see a new Nigeria in my dream and intend to build a new army of believer, where Nigeria will be great again self sustaining and regenerate the Nation of the Giant of Africa, not in name but in action.


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